Cancun Para Solteiros

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Refugio, Mexico

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Aguascalientes, Mexico

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Oaxaca, Mexico

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Los Mochis, Mexico

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Ciudad Lerdo, Mexico

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Ciudad Lerdo, Mexico

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Ciudad Lerdo, Mexico

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32, male, Single

Lobito, Angola

Atrás de uma parceira para agarra-la e ama.-la

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66, male, Divorced

Guayaquil, Ecuador

Pobre Azucar Papa para estudientes chicas

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67, male, Widowed

Raleigh, United States

Eu sou homem muito aberto e talanted, sorria sempre e sempre feliz. Eu sou muito amável e aberto e quer ser o melhor amante para minha esposa. Também estou muito otimista e energetic.I estou procurando uma mulher que vai me apoiar em todos os meu beginnig. Ele tem que ser muito corajoso e forte na mente e no seu corpo. Quero que todas as partes do meu corpo e da alma de pertencer a ela. Ele também tem que ser gentil e ganerous, e tão quente, como eu sou!

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52, male, Single

Beja, Portugal

procuro companheira para futuro.nao para brincadeira!

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61, male, Divorced

Jonesville, United States

My name is Lieutenant General tony willson , was born in New York in United States of America in the year 1961 is 52 Jahr NOW ago, Am 6.10ft, weight 90kg, I do not smoke nor drank alcohol, my parents have dead, my wife is not shopping, I have no sister, brother or child, alone and without the state'm just rip any woman from me and my wife go Aside way. My job has kept me busy the fact that I almost did not have at the moment Time to relax and made me good air one partner. I have been published in many countries for nearly 30 years and has worked so many for Organizations. But right now I'm working for the UN envoy like a director on drugs and crime in Syria. But I would like to retire in a few weeks is why I joined to a dating site to see if I would get to know a good and kind woman who is not surface integrity and take, emotional maturity and sense of humor one Someone tail ready is not ser para con un friendly Good Man para a friendship a version that would come out of it, I'll go to Cara Cara Verla me when Jubilee, we need to start with an open mind and have faith that we will service one good friends, then see the next thing would come out of friendship.

Cancun Para Solteiros - Mexican Dating

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