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54, female, Single

Neoga, United States

I enjoy camping, road trips, the mountains, fishing, campfires, canoeing, kayaking, bike riding, swimming, the beach, amusement parks, playing Guitar, learning piano, singing, karaoke, salsa dancing, working out, hiking, romantic getaways, football, baseball, comedy, baking, scrabble, and as for music I like: Country, Christian, Hip Hop/Pop/Dance, R & B, Funk, Reggae, Latin, Zydeco, Oldies, and some light rock. Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday of the year. I currently live on the beautiful beaches on the Gulf Of Mexico in Sunny St. Pete Beach area of Florida and have no intentions on ever living in a cold climate again. Nashville would be as far North as I am willing to go for a second home as I love the Smokey Mountains. So if Florida is not a destination you prefer to live in or are currently in please do not respond to my profile. A Drummer would be my first preference in finding someone for my soulmate, also a Songwriter, Bass Player, Pianist, or Guitar player would be great too. I am DJ/Karaoke Host but mainly private events, hospitals, nursing homes, church events, charity events, and in school pursuing my Bachelor's in Songwriting at Berklee College of Music.

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27, male, Single

D. Turganbaeva, United States

I'm a musician/songwriter that has a band. I am a sweet and love able guy. I take note of everything and I treat women like they should be treated. With love, respect, making her know she's special, and to have an awesome time. I'm the guy that pretty much likes "anything." I can tolerate a lot of things. I have a one of a kind sense of humor and that's what all of my friends can say is unique about me. I like to be the outspoken one and I'm not afraid to do something super random in front of a crowd of people. I play Guitar, Piano, and Drum Set. Music is a big part of my life. I write music along with my band members in our band called Rising Divinity. I don't plan on going to college. I am motivated to find different sources of income with my talents. I am an artistic person. I enjoy drawing, painting, occasional hunting, fishing, going out, late night walks/runs, biking, airsoft/paintballing, and many other random hobbies. I'm not into sports, but I do occasionally. I upload many videos to YouTube. I am a hardcore gamer when I'm not jamming to my music. I am a senior graduating from high school. I am confident and motivated that I can make a decent income with my talents without going to college. I currently work at a seasonal campground over the summer. After I graduate I plan to continue my band with my friends. I want our band to grow and find more gigs in the future. I am a little overweight, but I lost 90 lbs over the last year and I am still losing weight. I'm pretty much at a normal weight now and I "will" keep a healthy and fit lifestyle. I don't have much experience dating anyone. My Woman: I like a nice girl, almost a goody goody, but isn't afriad to swear. I'm atheist, I don't care her religion. I'd like her to enjoy writing music and compose songs with me. I dig petite women but it doesn't really matter. I plainly want to find someone with similar interests. ;)

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54, male, Divorced

Truth Or Consequences, United States

I have been on my own since 2012. 2017, I decide to give this dating thing a chance. I believe in: Commitment. Loyality. Honor. Fidelity. Emapthy. Selfless. Having the ability to Apologize. I am not looking for the perfect woman. I am not a religious person. I still want her to fear GOD. I am open to new experiences. I am always learning and adapting. Love to work with my hands, fixing, growing and building things. I do not mind cooking and baking. I love to dance (i sux at it ) and sing ( i try ) . I love to read, especially self help books, historical and science books. Oh yeah I am a big geek, I love animation and scifi. I do love art and traveling. I try to be well rounded. My family & Friends will say, I'm friendly with a big heart, loyal and caring. I like open-minded people who aren't quick to judge others. A person who's laid back, compassionate, and has a great sense of humor is right up my alley. I'm also a hard-working professional who cares deeply about my career. I'm looking for someone who's career driven and that I can start a lasting friendship with and could blossom into something more. Someone who is passionate, strong but submissive. Someone we can talk about anything without no judgement. My best Friend. I love working in the community and giving back. I hope to reopen my nonprofit to assist the next generation. I have a Youtube channel teaching men to interact with their children. During my travels, studies and experiences I learned alot. My goal is to give back to our community.I hope I did not bore you. I am a simple man with alot of love to give.Apologize for any typos....Bee

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38, female, Single

Willeys, United States

am new to this online dating stuffs and u can contact me.....there we can chat to share more pictures and we gonna know each other much more better there once u contact me cos i don't come on dating site all the time..hope to chat with you soon and stay blessed...Candy Kimberly.

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32, male, Single

Murphysboro, United States

I travel the world. I'm from the USA but I teach English in Mexico . I plan on visiting egypt very soon. Maybe we can speak or Skype my name .My dream is to visit the pyramids .

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