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Durango, Mexico

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Cancun, Quintana Roo, Benito Juarez, Mexico

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Santa Isabel de las Flores, Mexico

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Durango, Mexico

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Guadalajara, Jalisco, Guadalajara, Mexico

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Mexicali, Mexico

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Aguascalientes, Mexico

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Los Mochis, Mexico

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61, male, Widowed

Xoapa, Mexico

I am Barthel Jean Nicolas,I am 56 year old,with two kids and i am from Mexico but live and work, Israel as a marine engineer.I lost my wife three years ago.Since then i have been working and non stop in taking care of my kids.And you?

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34, female, Single

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

I believe that religion is a personal issue. I don't need someone to hold the same beliefs as me, just to respect me for my beliefs. I am Catholic and active in social causes. I am well educated about many faiths. I like golf, tennis, hockey, baseball, football, horse riding. As far as music goes I like old rock/roll, fun pop, some classical, and women vocalists. I'm open to new music. I watch very little t. v. I usually have other things to do. I do like "Brothers/Sisters," CNN, Sun A. M. Washington news shows. I have traveled extensively in the South Pacific region, (I used to live in Germany); Europe, enjoyed Italy and Spain); Ireland, Scotland, Mexico, and some of Canada. I would love to spend more time in Mexico and venture down under to Brazil.

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33, female, Single

Aqa Kishklu, United Arab Emirates

am Debra Gearard by name , am looking for a nice,caring ,honest and understanding soulmate ,am originally from the United state of America , Texas to be precise , i have been to few countries such as Dubai , Egypt ,Canada and Mexico am a girl that have passion for football

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76, female, Single

Raleigh, United States

I am Fati by name. I am 32 female with no kids..never been married..5'7 feet tall and athletic and I was born in Mexico and my race is Mexico, now in Ghana for 1 month now .My heritage is English,may be u may ask what i mean by my heritage is English is all cuss our Colonial masters was the British and my dad is a British man, my religion is a Christian,never mind about me been a

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45, male, Single

Tegucigalpita, Honduras

i was born in honduras in central america i grew up in texas usa, and i studied in mexico city, mexico, i love house music and writing poetry, i plan to travel to canada in a few months, i hope everything goes as plan,

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Tijuana, Mexico

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Oaxaca, Mexico

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Monterrey, Mexico

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Los Mochis, Mexico

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Los Mochis, Mexico

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Santa Maria Tulantongo, Mexico

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Durango, Mexico

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Los Mochis, Mexico

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Santa Isabel de las Flores, Mexico

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Durango, Mexico

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Los Mochis, Mexico


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